Elcon Vertical Panel Saws

Currently in its 60th year, Elcon is leading the way in advancements in vertical panel sawing technology.

  • Quadra - turns a vertical panel saw into a virtual beam saw
  • Advance Clamping - lifts panels for referance and strip cutting
  • LIMPIO Dust Extraction - patented system for superior dust removal
  • Automatic Saw Cycle - plunge, cut and return from the push of a button
  • Touch Screen Control - input cutting parameters at the machine

Elcon offer a range of frames to suit all material sizes.

  • Model 135 is for material sizes up to 2500 x 1350mm
  • Model 155 is for material sizes up to 3300 x 1550mm
  • Model 185 is for material sizes up to 3300 x 1850mm
  • Model 215 is for material sizes up to 4300 x 2150mm

For specialist applications where the material being worked is over-sized, Elcon offer a the bespoke manufacture of custom frames.

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The Elcon range accommodates all types of material and all thicknesses. Remember, to save time multiple sheets can be stacked on top of one another.

  • Model DS is for material thickness up to 54mm
  • Model DSX is for material thickness up to 75mm

As always, Elcon can offer custom cutting depths up to 150mm as special builds.

Complimenting the host of superb standard features, Elcon offer an array of options to tailor your machines to suit virtually any panel cutting application.

The patented and award winning LIMPIO dust extraction system offers improved
dust removal when cutting materials such as MDF, plasterboard or any other
material that produces a large amount of hazardous waste. The system can be
fitted at manufacture to all frame sizes.

A clever scoring blade system can be added to your machine at the time of order. However, we find that 90% of people who think they require scoring actually don't. The Elcons design when used with the tripple chip hollow ground blade offers superb cutting performance. If required a scoring unit can be added to your machine as a retro fit at any time.

To assist with the loading and unloading of heavy material, tranport rollers take the weight so you don't have to.

If you require to cut panels at angles, a panel tiliting device can be used. This sits on the bottom of the machine, and allows an entire sheet to be angled up to 45 degrees.

A host of additional options are also available. Please contact a member of our sales team for more information.

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